Spine Surgery Testimonials

Dr. Mathur has been very thorough.

Everything in Dr. Mathur’s office has been awesome including physical therapy. I have had a great experience in my office visits. Dr. Mathur has been very thorough. I appreciate the care I have received. – Anonymous

Dr. Mathur was wonderful.

Dr. Mathur’s staff has been very professional and courteous. Staff was willing to work with my schedule to schedule in different offices. Dr. Mathur was wonderful. – A. Larson

Dr. Mathur went above and beyond with my care.

Dr. Mathur took a lot of time to explain the procedure. He made me feel comfortable with proceeding with the procedure. He showed compassion and empathy for me. Dr. Mathur’s clinical staff and nurse made me feel comfortable as well to proceed with surgery. Dr. Mathur went above and beyond with my care. – D.Taylor

Dr. Mathur is simply AWESOME!

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Mathur.  He is professional, articulate, charismatic, considerate, extremely knowledgeable, kind….the list can go on and on.  He was patient with me, yet firm in letting me know exactly what needed to be done.  He discussed everything with me, and never made me feel like just another patient. He encouraged me to get a second opinion, but I knew I already had the best!  His staff is fabulous as well. They laughed with me, they cried with me, they were always there to hold my hand. 3 spine surgeries later and I am doing great, and I am their biggest supporter. Dr. Mathur is simply AWESOME! – N.Carnell

Dr. Mathur was excellent. He was very competent, knowledgeable, and upfront.

I had a disk herniation in my neck. I went to see a spine surgeon who recommended immediate surgery to prevent nerve damage. We were so scared that we went to see a second opinion and we are so glad that we did. Dr. Mathur did a thorough examination and reviewed the MRI. He did not feel that surgery was needed and sent me to physical therapy and then for a cervical injection. I am now completely pain free and no surgery…..thanks to Dr. Mathur. We tell all of our friends about him. – Anonymous

Excellent doctor.

Tried everything non-surgical first. I was referred by one of the UNC docs to him. My doc told me he was the best and he was correct. He spent so much time explaining my condition and showing me animated videos of the surgery. After several office visits, I decided to proceed with surgery. I had a fusion done as an outpatient!!! You hear horror stories about spine surgery but my surgery was easy and had excellent results. I am in physical therapy right now but could not be happier. Thanks Dr. Mathur and Melissa (his nurse) for all that you did for me.” – Anonymous

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