Spine Surgery Testimonials

Dr. Mathur was excellent. He was very competent, knowledgeable, and upfront.

I had a disk herniation in my neck. I went to see a spine surgeon who recommended immediate surgery to prevent nerve damage. We were so scared that we went to see a second opinion and we are so glad that we did. Dr. Mathur did a thorough examination and reviewed the MRI. He did not feel that surgery was needed and sent me to physical therapy and then for a cervical injection. I am now completely pain free and no surgery…..thanks to Dr. Mathur. We tell all of our friends about him. – Anonymous

Excellent doctor.

Tried everything non-surgical first. I was referred by one of the UNC docs to him. My doc told me he was the best and he was correct. He spent so much time explaining my condition and showing me animated videos of the surgery. After several office visits, I decided to proceed with surgery. I had a fusion done as an outpatient!!! You hear horror stories about spine surgery but my surgery was easy and had excellent results. I am in physical therapy right now but could not be happier. Thanks Dr. Mathur and Melissa (his nurse) for all that you did for me.” – Anonymous

Dr. Mathur explained everything very well.

I was very pleased with my kyphoplasty that Dr. Mathur performed. My pain level is 50%-60% better. He has really helped me regain my quality of life. Dr. Mathur is my new best friend!” – L.B.

He was VERY helpful and has an excellent staff.

After seeing another Spine Spec (recommended by my GP) I did my research and found Dr. Mathur. He is that rare doctor that is a skilled technician and can converse with the patient with respect and empathy. He surgically corrected my ruptured disc and I was amazed at the results and very short recovery time. His staff is excellent (surgical and office) and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend his practice. Thank you again, Dr. Mathur.” – Mark K.

Your professionalism, patience, and understanding before and after my surgery has been greatly appreciated by me and my family.

In addition to your tremendous compassion and skill in the operating room, you taking the time to explain everything to me about my surgery has been so beneficial. I cannot thank you enough as I continue on this “recovery road”. You are certainly a credit to the medical profession.” – Anonymous

Thank you for your expert surgery and compassionate caring with my herniated disc.

It has been a year since when I had the surgery, and I am able to do everything I could do before I had any problem! I especially appreciate how quickly you responded to nurses’ calls when I had to stay two days in the hospital, and then to my own calls when I got home. That really meant a lot to me. Truly, you were a blessing in my life.” – Anonymous

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