Thank You Dr. Mathur and the staff at Cary Orthopaedics.

I have had spine problems since I was in my early 30’s. I initially had back pain and eventually had leg pain. The leg pain was excruciating. I had tried everything. I was at UNC Chapel Hill with my wife and talking to a staff member. She saw the way I was walking and asked me what was wrong. I told her I had a back and leg problem. I told her I had seen several surgeons but was not sure what to do. She told me that I should see Dr. Mathur. She told me that he used to be a professor at UNC and then went to private practice. She told me how great he was and how everyone at UNC still sends their patients to him. I saw Dr. Mathur and she was right. He spent 20 minutes going over the MRI and the possibility of surgery. When I told him that I may get a second opinion –he was more than happy to provide some names of other surgeons and made a copy of my X-rays for me to take. I thought he would be upset but he said that I should be comfortable with the surgeon and he was not offended. I actually did not get a second opinion because I liked him so much. Make a long story short, he did an outpatient lumbar fusion and I have my life back. He made two small incisions on my back and somehow did a fusion. I am back to a normal life with almost no back pain. My leg is doing great. I just started ballroom dance with my wife. Thank You Dr. Mathur and the staff at Cary Orthopaedics.

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