Neck Pain Surgery Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Put neck pain in your past. Dr. Sameer Mathur of Cary Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive list of spine surgery and noninvasive treatment options to give you the relief you deserve. Schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Raleigh, Durham, or Cary, North Carolina, to get started on the path to better spinal health.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Neck Pain Surgery in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, NC

A board-certified local expert, Dr. Mathur has the experience and knowledge to resolve your neck pain issues. Whether your neck pain results from injury, arthritis, or disc issues, we can offer long-term, meaningful relief.

Dr. Mathur searches for the least invasive treatment possible for every patient. If surgery is required, you can count on gentle and skilled care from our team.

Some treatments we provide include:

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Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors like degenerative disc disease, strain, injury, arthritis or other factors. Dr. Mathur can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your neck pain.

Most cases of neck pain are temporary and do not require expert attention. However, if the pain lasts for four weeks or longer, is severe, or worsens with time, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Mathur.

As mentioned, rest and time will resolve most instances of neck pain. If neck pain is serious, it may need physical therapy or surgery. Our team will find the best solution for you.

Minimally invasive neck pain procedures are typically performed in an outpatient surgical center. More invasive treatment will be moved to a hospital setting.

Recovery time will vary significantly depending on the invasiveness of the surgical procedure. With minimally invasive surgery, you should be able to return to regular activities after a two- to four-week period. More invasive surgeries may need three or more months of recovery time.

You should avoid strenuous activity, like heavy lifting, twisting, or bending, in the weeks preceding the procedure. Simple exercises such as walking can significantly help the healing process s. Dr. Mathur will give you more specific instructions on post-operative care before the procedure is performed.